1. The ECV’s interactions with the IVAO Network are solely for non-commercial purposes, devoid of any financial transactions or profit motives.

2. All content on ECV sites are protected by copyright. Training, text, image.

3. Each member of the SOG has accepted the rules and assumes responsibility for any breach of these rules. Of course the rules mentioned in the SO Order France are always applied.

4. It is forbidden to use the website, the multiplayer session, the discord and its services as a means of dissemination of:
– Unwanted advertising messages, commonly called “spamming” or “spam”.
– Useless messages with the sole purpose of damaging or slowing down the discord.
– Messages with offenses to other users, visitors and / or third parties.
– Messages containing illegal material, according to the regulations in force in France.
– Messages coded in such a way as to damage the site.
– Messages containing copyrighted material without the consent of the holder of such material.
– Messages not related to the topic dealt by the site.

5. When a pilot joins ECV, they provide consent for the processing of their personal data, adhering fully to prevailing privacy laws, including the EU GDPR (EU Regulation 2016/679), as well as relevant sections of the Constitution (Articles 15 and 21) and Criminal Code (Chapter III – Section IV).

6. The system automatically places pilots who suspend their activity for 30 days or more on the retired pilots list.

7. The teacher or supervisor in charge may decide to interrupt or cancel lessons under various circumstances, including but not limited to: lack of student seriousness, punctuality issues, unjustified absences for significant reasons, disciplinary suspension of the student, technical difficulties, or unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the management.

8. The virtual fighter squadron offers a completely free and purely recreational service, with no intention to substitute any form of licensing, traditional schooling, or real flight training academies.

9. The CEO and site owner reserves the right to remove members for rude or potentially damaging behavior, following consultation and thorough evaluation with close associates.

10. All users must consistently respect others, including fellow users, blogs, and administrators. This is why vulgar, insulting, or defamatory messages are prohibited. Users must avoid hostile behavior aimed at disrupting normal participation.

From the STAFF.

  • Be aged 18 or over.
  • Be at least AS3 for ATCs and FS3 for pilots.
  • Have a simulator that allows good performance.
  • Be equipped with a joystick and a discord account.
  • Adhere to the rules.
  • Be very serious and rigorous and respectul.

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